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We are wayamaya!

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We are Kim & Matt, the founders, travelers, bloggers and lifestyle enthusiasts behind Wayamaya Travel Couple Kim & Matt | Couple Travel Blog.

We are a young couple that have left their boring and stressful jobs to start something new and exciting! All we wanted was to make a 180 degree turn from a typical daily routine and to change our lives for the better.

Why traveling?
Because one can never grow tired and bored when everything around is somewhat different or even absolutely new - a new place, new people, new language, different climate, different customs and clothing and so on and so forth. There is a hidden beauty in even the smallest things, but one can never truly see it or fully appreciate it when being outside "the real world". Traveling is being in "the real world" because it's all about leaving our comfort zones and being open to the whole world. Although there is no end to the adventures when traveling, this whole idea means a lot more to us. Where we are living is not necessarily where we want or need to be living and by traveling we want to find our place in the world.

Why blogging?
There are so many blogs about traveling, but when we looked through them to find relevant information to help us, we were quite disappointed. Unfortunately, those many blogs didn't meet our requirements and we had to deal with most things on our own. That's why we decided to make our own blog where we could share what we have experienced.

Of course, everyone has different expectations, but here on wayamaya blog we will try really hard to convey what was important to us and had a great impact on the organization of our travels or on staying in a previously unknown corner of the world. We will also try to present you many important conclusions drawn from our journeys. The concept of running this blog will most probably change while we gain more experience and due to your comments and criticism, which we hope you will share on our website.

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