See You Soon Sicily! | wayamaya Italy travel

See You Soon Sicily, Italy | wayamaya travel

It's time to reveal wayamaya's first destination - Sicily in Italy

We will show you the beauty of the Sicily island and we hope that you will enjoy our photography, videos and travel tips. Travel with us to Sicily and let us guide you to beautiful places and cities like Catania, Aci Castello & Aci Trezza, Taormina, Scala dei Turchi beach, Valle dei Templi and Siracusa. We will give you our first travel impressions and travel essentials before your visit Sicily. We will tell you what to do on fantastic Sicily beaches, where to eat awesome food and how to make your vacations dreams come true. From our travel guides you will learn new things about Sicilian people, nature and landscapes, architecture, transport and driving.

Great stuff is on the way, so stay tuned for more =)

Keep calm and wayamaya!